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Two men with a horse and a pack mule at a creek crossing
Wheat field in shock along river bottom of Little Tennessee River
Two canoes on a large river by bluffs
Looking south down the Little Tennessee River with Fodderstack Mountain in the distance; from the site of the U.S. 129 Overlook above Calderwood Dam
Circular shoals on Little Tennessee River looking east from site of present day U.S. 129 Overlook above Calderwood Dam
The mouth of Citico, and the old canoe
Children dressed in bathing suits on a platform in a river
Niles Ferry, the Little Tennessee; boys diving into the river
Corn patch on the bank of a river
Sailboat and canoe on a river
View of a river
What's a nice gill like you doing here
Keep a sharp eye out for pollution, EPA
Winding Roadway in the Heart of the Mountains