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Notice from the City of Knoxville to Temple [amp] Thornburg
Bill of Lading
John S. Van Winkle in Danville, Kentucky to O.P. Temple in Knoxville, Tennessee
M.C. Wilcox in Knoxville, TN to Gen. John Eaton, Jr. in Nashville, TN
Article titled "Smoky Mountain"
Swiss American Sketchbook
Knox County marriage license
John W. Morton in Nasvhille, Tennessee to O.P. Temple in Knoxville, Tennessee
Letter to John S. Williams, Sr.
Case File, James R. Seawell vs. Dorothy Elizabeth Seawall
Joseph Carter vs. James Miller
Bertha Scherf vs. John Scherf
Retail Business Center of Knoxville, TN
Declaration of Intent and Petition for Citizenship
Petition for Naturalization of James Dempster
Declaration of Intent for Naturalization of Isidor Beiler
Children`s Mission Home Annual Report