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Letters to Harry T. Burn
Tennessee League of Women Voters
Woman`s Protest Against Woman Suffrage
State of Tennessee v. Amanda Gibbons
Legislation in the Interest of Women and Children
The Child of the Regiment
Deposition against Nancy Burris by James Tomkins
Dorothy Dix - for Thirty Years Counsellor Extraordinary to Millions the World Over
Various Types of American Girls
By-Gone Hours
Mirandy on Blessings in Disguise
Mirandy on Buying a Hat
C.P. Simonton in Covington, TN, to Sue S. White in Washington, D.C.
Woman`s Missionary Advocate
Mary H. Presnell in Loudon, Tennessee to O.P. Temple in Knoxville, Tennessee
Felix A. Reeve in Washington, D.C. to O.P. Temple in Knoxville, Tennessee
WWII War Ration Book One