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1832 Aug. 13, West Point, N[ew] York [to] Charles F. Welcker, Kingston, E[ast] Tennessee
1832 Apr. 13, Harnageville, G[eorgi]a [to] Charles F Welcker, Kingston, Tennessee
1814 May 7, Franklin County, Tennessee [to] Colo[nel] Return J Meiggs [i.e., Meigs]
John Johnston in Memphis, TN, to Fonville Neville in Denmark, TN
1818 May 4, Cherokee Agency [to] Colo[nel] Geo[rge] Gillespie
1833 Aug. 18, Mouth of Poplar Creek [to] Geo[rge] L. Welcker, W[est] Point, New York
1813 Aug. 6, Highwassee Garrison, [to] John Armstrong, Secretary of War
1835 May 18, Kingston, Roane C[oun]ty, E[ast] Tenn[essee] [to] Charles F Welcker
1813 Jan. 28, Fortville [to] Col[onel] Metcalf
1816 Jun. 29, Cherokee Agency [to William H. Crawford, Secretary of War]
1813 Oct. 30, Highwassee Garrison [to John Armstrong]