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WWII War Ration Book One
Knoxville College plaques for Arnetta G. Wallace
Lizzie in Vicksburg, MS to Alice Eaton in Memphis, TN
Terrell, Robert H. in Washington, D.C., to Church, R.R. Sr. in Memphis, Tennessee
Cooks at a construction site of the L and N Railroad
Mrs. Joseph Dumars in Memphis, TN to Alice Eaton in Nashville, TN
Hynson, R.R.B. in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, to Church, Robert Reed Sr.
Deed of Slaves
Deed of Slaves
Group or Family Portrait
Beware! The Negro and the New Social Order
The Truth about the Negro Problem
Negro Woman`s Resolutions for Enforcement of Federal Suffrage Amendments
Group portrait
Photograph portraits of Arnetta G. Wallace
Mrs. Ella Sheppard Moore, Biographical Sketch