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Articles of Agreement [1803 Oct. 20] between the United States and the Cherokee Nation
1836 Sept. 20, Floyd County, Georgia
Edward Frost, Charleston, SC to J.G.M. Ramsey, Mecklenburg, TN
1806 Aug. 18, Vannsville [Charter of the Cherokee Turnpike Company]
1820 May 1 [between] Rhea County Court and Lewis Ross
[Minutes of Rail Road meeting] 1836 June 28
Petition for a Road and Ferry to Cross at Hastings
Samuel Roberts Letters
1817 May 19, Highwassee [to] Col[onel] R[eturn] J. Meigs, Highwassee
1838 Apr. 6, Kingston [to] C[harles] F. Welcker, Talladega, Alabama
1828 Oct. 2, Tuskaloosa, Alabama [to] Governor [Sam] Houston, State of Tennessee
1836 Sept. 21, Floyd County, Georgia [to] Head of Coosa
1835 May 18, Kingston, Roane C[oun]ty, E[ast] Tenn[essee] [to] Charles F Welcker
1822 Nov. 8, Petition to run a ferry on the Chatahoochy River