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Tar-paper shack of Mt. LeConte where first two Park Commissioners Parties stayed, built in 1924
First Cabin on Mt. LeConte, under construction, winter of 1925-26
First Log Cabin on top of Mt. LeConete. Winter of 1925-26
Ogle's Store, Gatlinburg. Charles Ogle on right; about 1923
Camp Yard showing tent and tables summer 19 1925
First Log Cabin built on Mt. Le Conte, winter of 1925-26
Basin Spring Camp 1926, Adams Cabin on left, Huff Cabin on Right.
Mt. LeConte, Clifftop to right, West Peak to Left. Taken 1925
View of Myrtle Point Mt. LeConte picture taken in 1925
Signs beside LeConte Creek Trail erected by Paul J. Adams, summer of 1925