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1995 Nonpartisan Congressional Voting Records
An Opinion Maker's Guide to Children in Election Year 1992
Decade of Indifference: Maternal and Child Health Trends 1980-1990
Families Struggling to Make It in the Workforce: A Post Welfare Report
Child Poverty Data from 1990 Census
The Nation's Investment in Children: An Analysis of the President's FY 1992 Budget Proposals
A Call for Action to Make Our Nation Safe for Children: A Briefing Book on the Status of American Children in 1988
Your Family's Rights under the New Fair Housing Law
Unshared Sacrifice: The House of Representatives' Shameful Assault on America's Children
Summary of Legislation Affecting Children in 1996
Transitional Child Care: State Experiences and Emerging Policies under the Family Support Act
Title XX - Social Services in Your State: A Child Advocate's Handbook for Action
Stand for Children: A Parent's Guide to Child Advocacy
Child Care under the Family Support Act: Early Lessons from the States