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Child Care Subsidy Policy: An Introduction
New Partnerships: Education's Stake in the Family Support Act of 1988
State Developments in Child Care, Early Education, and School-Age Care 2002
The Welfare Reform Debate: Implications for Child Care
Child Care and Welfare Reform: More Painful Choices
How Safe? The Status of State Efforts to Protect Children in Child Care
The High Cost of Child Care Puts Quality Care Out of Reach for Many Families
Working with State and Local Elected Officials: A Guide for Early Care and Education Advocates
First Steps, Promising Futures: State Prekindergarten Initiatives in the Early 1990s
Child Care under the Family Support Act: Early Lessons from the States
Locked Doors: States Struggling to Meet the Child Care Needs of Low-Income Families
State Investments in Child Care and Early Childhood Education