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Pages Pavilion!!
No traffic problems because no gas for driving
Listen! He's playing our song!
Wow! Look at DAT!!! It's Dogwood Arts' Time!
With this fuel you get sixteen smiles a gallon!
Going to use a sledge hammer!
Randy Tyree for Go-May-Or
Randy's No's - I won't run for mayor; I won't be divisive
If it happened while I was in office, take the credit for it.
Look, folks, a surplus
Before you start running, get Oglesby off of your back
Knoxville, right side up
Give to the SEDFOO fund
Cathy and the bean stalk
Let me know if you run across any complaints.
Toreador Ashe
We can call it the city-county complex
Chee!! You teachers are something else!
No, we don't need drug test tutors