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Broom makers
Southern Highlands Craftsmans Fair - 1950
1st Foreign Credit Tour from the University.
Young woman at a spinning wheel.
Block printing - 1945.
Arrowcraft in the Mountain View Hotel, Gatlinburg.
The Arrowcraft Shop's stockroom.
The Arrowcraft Shop's shipping room.
Evelyn Bishop Lounge
Enamel student - Summer Craft Workshop - 1961
Block printing - 1st Summer Craft Workshop - 1945.
Basket Makers - Pi Beta Phi Settlement School - Gatlinburg, Tenn.
Jewelry making  - 1947.
Mary L. Ownby at her loom.
Mrs. Josie Watson
Mary L. Ownby "bottoming cheers."
Arrowcraft Shop, this is the old one.