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L.B. Eaton in Memphis, TN to Gen. John Eaton in Nashville, TN
 William G. Brownlow in Nashville to Mrs. Brownlow and family
Alfred Stewart, Tennessee Penitentiary to General George H. Thomas
Col. O.P. Temple in Knoxville, TN to Gov. W. G. Brownlow in Nashville, TN
James A. Rogers in St. Louis to Hon. W. G. Brownlow
John C. Underwood, Alexandria, Virginia to Governor Brownlow
Horace Maynard, Washington, D.C.
Horace Maynard, Massachusetts
A. H. Walker, Richland Valley, Weakley County to Governor Brownlow
Schuyler Colfax, Erie, Pennsylvania to Governor Brownlow
A.J. Fletcher, Nashville, TN to Governor Brownlow
C.H. Davis in Memphis, TN to John Park in Memphis, TN
Letter of surrender by John Park in Memphis, TN, to C.H. Davis in Memphis, TN
[Letter] 1850 Jul. 17 [to] Alex[ander D. Coffee]
[Letter] 1850 Nov. 11, Shepherdsville, [to] E[dward] E. Porter