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1996 Handbook of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club
Tennessee Alumnus. Volume 76, Issue 2, 1996 Spring
Tennessee Alumnus. Volume 76, Issue 4, 1996 Autumn
Tennessee Alumnus. Volume 76, Issue 3, 1996 Summer
Tennessee Alumnus. Volume 76, Issue 1, 1996 Winter
State of America's Children Yearbook 1996
Children in the States 1996
Child Watch Visitation Program Manual 1996
Child Advocacy Ministry: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Haley Farm Homecoming
Working Together for Children: Head Start and Child Care Partnerships
Child Care Briefing Book
Summary of the New Welfare Legislation (Public Law 104-193)
Summary of Legislation Affecting Children in 1996
The Welfare Reform Debate: Implications for Child Care
1995 Nonpartisan Congressional Voting Records
Working with State and Local Elected Officials: A Guide for Early Care and Education Advocates
Stand for Children: A Parent's Guide to Child Advocacy
Who Cares? State Commitment to Child Care and Early Education
Phoenix, fall 1996