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Ticket to International Exhibition in Philadelphia
Image of William Bowen Campbell
Mayor of Memphis Presenting Keys of the City
The Presidential Journey South
Cleveland National Bank
Original home of Pleasant M. Craigmiles in Cleveland, Tennessee
Photograph of individuals and knitting mill
Judge William Henry DeWitt, 1827-1896
H. Clay Evans, 1843-1921
Elizabeth West Walton at age 16
Elizabeth West Walton in 1886
Wood [amp] Drane, Queen City Warehouse check
Overton Family at Travellers Rest, c. 1890
Hannington Chapel
Miners at Embreeville, Tennessee
Memorial Service on the Death of James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States
Town Platt of Greenbrier, Tennessee 1882
Town Platt of Greenbrier, Tennessee 1882