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Weavers for Arrowcraft Shop.
Broom makers
1st Foreign Credit Tour from the University.
Arrowcraft in the Mountain View Hotel, Gatlinburg.
The Arrowcraft Shop's stockroom.
The Arrowcraft Shop's shipping room.
Sandy Blain examines turned wooden bowls.
Mary F. Davidson dyeing yarn
Enamel student - Summer Craft Workshop - 1961
Neal and Arlie Watson - 1956.
Josie, Arlie, and Neal Watson - 1956.
Basket Makers - Pi Beta Phi Settlement School - Gatlinburg, Tenn.
Jewelry making  - 1947.
Mary L. Ownby at her loom.
25 Year Arrowcraft Weavers Reunion,  April 1957
Mrs. Josie Watson
Mary L. Ownby "bottoming cheers."
Character Studies