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J. D. Loftis Garage
Gathering with soldiers in Downtown Algood, Tennessee, c. 1917
Two Dulcimers
Line of French girls with their bald heads after getting a haircut
Bob Hope in Munich during USO Show, July 1945
Martha Tilton in Munich during USO Show, July 1945
Gaskell Warren at Hitler's Home, August 1945
Nazis in France, on a horse farm
Field Marshall von Rundstedt in Erlanger, Germany, 1945
Unidentified war casualties on hillside in Germany
Dead German in Erdorf, Germany
American soldiers view a pile of dead bodies at Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Gaskell Warren Entering the French Zone of Occupation, September 16, 1945
Cow pulling a cart with a little boy aboard, Vigneulles, France
Munich, 1945
Liberation of a French town