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M.S. Temple in Greenville, Tennessee to O.P. Temple in Knoxville, Tennessee
Friends of the Southern Tenant Farmers` Union
1835 May 18, Kingston, Roane C[oun]ty, E[ast] Tenn[essee] [to] Charles F Welcker
1839 Apr. 15, Roane County [to] Mr. Cha[rle]s F. Welcker, Kingston, Tennessee
1839 Dec. 28, Knoxville, Tennessee [to] Charles F. Welcker, Laurel Banks, Roane County
Colonel James Moore King to wife
James Moore King to Martha Batey King
James Moore King to Martha Batey King, 2
1816 Aug. 15, Oak Grove [to] James King, Rutherford County
1830 Jul. 21, Alexandria Louisiana [to] Walter Moore, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1831, [to] William
1831 Jan. 17, [to] James Moore King, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1831 Mar. 5 [to] Hardy Moore
1833 Mar. 27 [to] J.M. King, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee
1834 Feb. 24, Alexandria, LA [to] James King, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1835 Jul. 10 [to] James King, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1835 Mar. 9, Alexandria, Louisiana [to] James King, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Thomas Moore in Alexandria, Louisiana to James King in Rural Rest
1843 Dec. 20 [to] James King