William Derris Collection Technical Information

About the Music

The accompanying music for the William Derris films is the work of Knoxville musicians Chris Durman, Steve White, and Leslie Gengozian. The music was recorded in live sessions in the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, University of Tennessee, January 2015. The songs are all traditional Southern Appalachian tunes that were played in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. The authorities for this musical authenticity are as follows:

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About the Slides

Derris noted a variety of information on the slide mounts including where the picture was taken and the names of people featured in the slides. He also documented the camera exposure settings for many of the images. In general, he represents the exposure in the following format: f-stop @ shutter speed followed by focus setting. For example, 45@25 inf. indicates an f-stop of 4.5, shutter speed of 1/25 of a second and focus set on infinity. While Derris recorded these numbers without including the decimal, the numbers should be interpreted as having a decimal. He does not include the /1 over the shutter setting, likely because of space limitations. Additional exposure information is not always clear but usually indicates whether a filter (especially a polarizing filter) or flash was used.