The Archivision Architectural Image Collection, a collection of approximately 15,000 high resolution images, encompasses a variety of examples of the built environment including images of architecture, gardens and parks, public spaces, and cities from North America, Europe, and Asia. The creation dates of the works depicted span from ancient times to the late twentieth century, with a particularly strong emphasis on the Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles. The collection is created and curated by Scott Gilchrist, photographer and architect.

The University of Tennessee Libraries licenses these images from Archivision, Inc. People affiliated with the University of Tennessee can log in to view the images using their NetID and Password. Use of the images is governed by our license. People affiliated with the University of Tennessee may use the images for educational, research, and personal use on a not-for-profit basis. For example, they may use the images in their lectures and presentations, in assignments, papers, and theses, and within password-protected course websites. They may not massively copy the images. If you have questions about this collection, please contact Chris Eaker at