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We teach Reading, Rioting, and 'rithmetic!
Schools drown because General Assembly lifeguard is off duty
Chop! Statewide kindergartens.
Half-a-penny for my thoughts, that's a bargain
Don't make waves, we are all in the same boat, so to speak.
Alaska is the 49th state, not Tennessee!
If you ask me, I thinkg it's a STEP in the right direction.
TEA? That's not my bag!
payoff picture
"master teacher" program doesn't have a prayer.
I'm taking you to the principal's office
Don't call dynamiters Rats, we've got our pride
Tell him he's overstaffed
No, we don't need drug test tutors
Please help us STEP across the street, mister.
I suppose you are going to complain about your slice of pi