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If you ask me, I thinkg it's a STEP in the right direction.
Why not? A lot of our sheriffs become convicted felons.
Is it my imagination or are there more pet projects than usual?
payoff picture
Maybe he'll leave some (surplus funds) for us.
Klan and ACLU in Pulaski, TN
Soldier protects mates from Rush Limbaugh
Democracy inaction
Valhalla, retirement village for enlisted men
Barracks closet door
Hooray! The blizzard of '93 is melting
Late Humpty Dumpski
Water frontage...water frontage...water frontage...gasp, choke
I can't decide whether to jump or wait for the bridge to fall
She's sharp.
NAFTA debate
Noses are red, Lips are blue, Snow's up to my head...
I got the Mandela part, what did Arafat and Rabin do?